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Seattle Code Camp - It's a Doozy!

Here it comes again. Seattle Code Camp happens every year and it’s one of those events where you don’t even think about whether or not to attend - you just attend. This year it’s September 12, 2015 at Seattle University in the Capitol Hill area.

As always, it’s free. As always, there’s food. And as always, it’s a big collection of coders of every skill level presenting on subjects that inspire them and hopefully inspire you too.

Several tracks give you a wide choice of information to glean, and a couple of gatherings of the entire crowd give you a chance to rub shoulders with your peers.

If my sessions are accepted, I’ll be presenting on some IoT topics. That’s what really drives my boat these days. As of this writing, the speaker registration is still open. You don’t have to be a wizard to present. Beginners are just as welcome as experts. So work up some courage, dust off your public speaking book from college, and sign up.

I’m looking forward to it. See you there.

Microsoft Exam 70-532 Study Guide

I’m currently studying for Microsoft exam 70-532 - Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions. I do enjoy studying for exams. It’s hard, but it’s an excellent forcing function. I learn bits and pieces here and there now and then about this and that, but when I have an exam schedule for a set date, I have to study! And not only do I put in more hours, but I follow a more systematic approach. In this article, I’m going to share my approach and give you my study guide for exam 70-532 in case you too are studying and this method works for you.

Here’s my strategy…

  1. Visit the official exam page

    For 70-532, the page is at

  2. Click show all under the Skills Measured section and copy the whole thing
  3. Paste it into a OneNote notebook
  4. Format it by breaking all of the skill points out onto separate lines and adding checkboxes
  5. Study each point and check it off when I feel like I understand

Here’s what it ends up looking like when I’m done…

So I start by asking myself if I know what a _deployment slot _is. I don’t. I Bing it and find something like this Staged Deployment on Microsoft Azure Websites article that does an excellent job of defining the term and goes on to discuss the next point roll back deployments as well. So I read up, try it myself, grok the concept, then check the boxes. Simple as that. Notice I said that my study process is simple. The concept aren’t always, but then that’s one of the reasons I like software… it’s complicated!

So attached you’ll find a OneNote notebook that’s yours to keep. Just open it up, start studying, and start checking. And give me a shout on Twitter when you pass the exam! Best of luck!

70-532 Study