OneDrive Sync Status

I don’t know how long the feature has been active, but I only recently realized that I can now see the status of all of the upload and download activity for OneDrive.

It used to be that you could hover over the OneDrive icon in the system tray and see some very basic status on OneDrive’s current effort to keep your local files in sync with your cloud storage. You saw that it was “Processing changes…” or that it had “247kB of 1.2GB uploaded”. It was slightly helpful knowing that it was actually working on something, but left a truck load of room for improvement.

Now if you hover over the OneDrive icon in the status tray, you get the upload progress as well as data transfer speeds, and if you click the icon you get something like this…

Now I can see that that MSDEVSHOW file that I recently dropped into my local folder is in fact on its way to the ether and nearing ready to share with others. Nice.

By the way, those 6 items it says I can’t sync are not a problem. I know why they can’t. It’s only because I haven’t opted to select some files for syncing yet.

I really should have provided feedback on this a long time ago, because I’ve been wanting it. Whenever you find yourself missing a feature or annoyed by some behavior in your operating system or software, make sure you find the right place to provide feedback and do it, because Microsoft (and likely other companies) really do look at what people want and steer their efforts that way.

In Windows, by the way, you can just hit Win + F and you’ll see your screen flash as Windows takes a screen shot of whatever you’re doing and then initiates a feedback request. That’s excellent.