About Me

Hi, I’m Jeremy Foster - a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. I’m in this role because I’m a big tech geek who loves not only writing code, but loves talking about writing code.

What’s a Technical Evangelist? The evangelist role, as far as I can tell, came about somewhere around the turn of the millenium as a sort of advocate for members of the public interested in using the technology that your company offers. As you might imagine, at Microsoft it’s a pretty broad role, because we make quite a varied array of software. We’re also a big enough company and our evangelism team is diverse enough (in skill as well as geography) that we tend to be able to carve out our own areas of interest to specialize.

My niche includes open source software frameworks, web development, IoT, and Microsoft Azure. These are all extremely exciting areas that I’m thrilled to be involved in.

So, I spend a lot of time in Node.js and front-end frameworks and also work hard to keep on top of the many Azure SDK’s that allow me to connect to cloud services from these client frameworks.

Part of my university studies was in electronic engineering, so I’m not completely foreign to kind of circuitry that you might find in an IoT project, and I have a few tools in my home studio to work with wood and a few other materials too. So I aspire make things - things that are part mechanical, part electronic, part software, and part cloud. Fun stuff.

I love learning and teaching and figuring out how to be more productive at the whole thing.

If you have an idea as to how your organization might need to use some Microsoft software or even how we can partner on a project, do let me know by using the appropriate social link in my main navigation bar.